The Global Programs Photo Contest entered its second decade with an impressive showing! 294 terriers submitted 668 photos, taken in 81 countries, territories, island nations and a unique continent! The most photographed foreign lands where BU does not currently have a Study Abroad presence were India with 18 photos, Iceland with 14, Thailand with 12 and Morocco and Peru coming in with 11 photos each. Right here in the US, 28 States including the District of Columbia were photographed and New York was the most photographed state after Massachusetts.

Can you guess the most photographed building on the BU campus? The Center for Computing and Data Sciences! Many photos showcased the new building, especially during twilight. We are also happy to report photos were submitted from every college and school at BU including BU Academy and central administration! Undergraduates led the pack with 285 photos submitted, followed by graduate students with 216, staff with 88, faculty with 55, alumni with 16, and BU Academy students with 8. Thank you all for sharing some truly amazing images. There were so many more beautiful images than just the final 16 we share (it is always a difficult choice).

We would like to thank our guest judges this year, Mariette DiChristina, dean of the College of Communication and Harvey Young, dean of the College of Fine Arts.

The first day of the People’s Choice voting was quite the nail biter. After 968 votes were cast by the time voting closed at 9:00 AM on 4/4, one of the matchups was a tie with each picture receiving 484 votes! We had to find someone in our office who had not cast a vote and had them break the tie! As always, EVERY VOTE COUNTS. Once all the votes were cast, the same photo won both the People’s Choice and Judged category. Based on the rules of the contest, the second place winner in the Judged category is then awarded first place in that category.

Without further ado, the winners are:

Winner: People’s Choice

Bill Yao, COM (UG)

Canadian Rockies, Lake O’Hara Alberta Canada

“Having lived in a city my entire life, one of my biggest dreams was to one-day go in the wild and be able to see a sky full of stars with my bare eyes. The hike to this lake took nearly 14 hours, however, I got to see the most astounding scenery I have ever looked at in my life. We all live under the same stars, these type of places connect people across the world.”

Winner: Judged Category

Sushil Sasheendran, QST (Grad)

Fast break at Ramadan
Manama, Bahrain

“Bahrain follows a strong community-driven culture. As a part of it, different local shops and businesses sponsor fast break meals – ‘Iftaar’ for anyone who would like to participate. The meal is offered to the public at a local square in Manama – The capital of Bahrain”


Ge Feng, CFA (Alum)

Paths of the Soul
Sichuan, China

Eliza Nuestro, COM (UG)

Street Vendor

Tianyao Zhang, COM (UG)

Man With Red Hat Reading Newspaper
Mexico City, Mexico

Vineetha Ashok, ENG (Grad)

Wah Umgot

Paige Kahn, COM (UG)

Self Service
Lynn, MA

Christopher Edoka, QST (Grad)

In the Eye of the Basilica
Quito Ecuador

Perry Sosi, CFA (UG)

Walking Above Water
Lake Kivu, Gisenyi, Rwanda

Johann Pang, ENG (UG)

UAE, Abu Dhabi

Hoang Nguyen, QST (Grad)

Good morning Bagan
Mandalay Region, Myanmar

Mekhi Besseck, SPH (Grad)

The Eyes of Experience: A Glimpse into the Wisdom of an Elephant
Kerala, India

Yating Wu, MET (Grad)

Mirror Lake

Larry Kohn, SAR (Staff)

Fading Light
Sutton, MA

Daniel Skahill, CDS (UG)

Two Souls, One Adventure
Pismo, California, Pismo Dunes

Tristan Olly, COM (Staff)

Rain Storm

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