Talk About

Talk About is a series of virtual events started in fall 2020 and co-hosted by Global Programs, undergraduate International Peer Mentors and various departments around campus on topics chosen by international students for international students. Below you can find the previous Talk About recordings, as well as the upcoming Talk About events.

Upcoming Talk About Events

Navigating a New Culture and Environment

April 4, 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm*

Navigating a new culture and environment as an international student can be both exciting and intimidating. International students contribute to university campuses through their rich experiences, knowledge base, and world views. Simultaneously, they are vulnerable to acculturation stress, which is the stress of adapting to a new environment or culture. Join us for the virtual Talk About: Navigating a New Culture and Environment workshop as we discuss navigating a new culture, acculturation stress, and recognizing resilience as an international student. A panel of undergraduate and graduate international students will share their experiences and recommendations.

Special Guest:

  • Aileen Lee, Staff Psychologist, BU Behavioral Medicine
  • Praveena Kandasami, Staff Psychologist, BU Behavioral Medicine


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Presentation (BU Behavioral Medicine)
  • Panel with international students
  • Q&A

*An event recording will be posted to this website shortly after the event

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