International Travel Registry

The International Travel Registry provides a secure place for all University travelers to record their university or businessrelated international travel plans and contact information.

Why Register?

  • Registration allows BU to provide individuals and groups with pre-travel preparation and travel advice, especially when the planned travel takes you to high-risk destinations;
  • Registration also allows BU to communicate with travelers when incidents affecting travel and operations occur overseas, including natural disasters, civil unrest or terrorism, or outbreak of disease.

Who Must Register?

  • In accordance with the BU International Travel Risk Policy, undergraduate and graduate students, and all staff members, are required to register their travel before undertaking any University-sponsored international travel.
  • Faculty members are strongly encouraged to do so as well.

Ways to Register

  1. If you are a BU Study Abroad program student, you will be registered by the Study Abroad office and don’t need to do anything else.
  2. You can also register your travel by clicking the green button and filling out a questionnaire. At the login screen, click “New User? Register Here.” Please be sure to use your BU e-mail address. You will be prompted to create a Profile, and then you can choose Create New Trip to enter your travel details. More detailed instructions are here

Click Here to Register

Registering a Group

If you have questions about the Travel Registry or about completing the spreadsheet for group travel, please email