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Welcome to the home of the Boston University Global Health Collaborative. Through this initiative, the Boston University Department of Family Medicine has reaffirmed its commitment to improving health access and supporting the provision of primary care services for the underserved around the world.

We achieve this through our proven approach to Primary Health Care (PHC) system strengthening, focused on building up the necessary elements for delivery of quality PHC services using our Primary Care Development Playbook.

Our Vision

Every person has a competent and well-trained primary care team caring for them regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, geographic locale, economic status, disease burden or health status.

Mission Statement

The mission of BU GHC is to raise the level of health care for populations world-wide by enhancing primary care through medical education, improving health systems management, increasing access to high quality clinical services, supporting policy development and promoting research and evaluation.

Our Work

In order to accomplish our mission, we partner with local organizations and institutions to engage in capacity building and health system strengthening by engaging in the following key activities:

  • Partnering with and developing future health care leaders to be champions for primary care
  • Supporting development of educational programs for local teams of practitioners in building/increasing competency to provide full-spectrum primary care services to all
  • Integrating primary care into existing academic and training institutions
  • Providing expertise in clinical service delivery and local systems of management
  • Consulting with governmental and non-governmental organizations to strengthen health care systems through primary care policy development
  • Supporting research and evaluation on primary care development
  • Fostering alliances with other international and regional organizations to promote global health equity