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Personal Training is Here – In-Person and Remote

Personal Training is now open for everyone who wants to feel great – both in-person and from home. For remote personal training, you will be matched with one of our certified personal trainers and will have the opportunity to train one-on-one via Zoom. Don’t have a lot of time to spare? We’ve designed 30-minute training sessions for a quick and efficient workout. FitRec personal trainers use a multidisciplinary approach to designing exercise programs, and we welcome individuals of all fitness levels, regardless of ability and experience. Follow Steps 1 and 2 below to get started today!

  • Personal training offers a wealth of benefits, including motivation, guidance, workouts that fit into a busy schedule, and techniques that are safe.
  • You receive proper fitness instruction right from the start under the supervision of a nationally certified personal trainer or Pilates instructor.
  • Your workout program will be developed in accordance with your own personal fitness goals.
  • Personal training can prepare you for an event/sport and help you achieve more accurate results.

Getting started with a personal trainer is a simple two-step process. For further questions, email us or call 617-358-3760.

Step 1: Fill Out Registration Form and Medical Waiver

Personal Training Registration Form and Medical Waiver

To learn more about your interests and health history, we ask that you complete a Personal Training Registration Form before we schedule your first session. The Medical Waiver, if required, can be found here.

Sign the Registration Form

Step 2: Register for a Program

Personal Training - In-Person and Remote

Choose anywhere from 1 to 10 one-hour or half-hour sessions of private one-on-one fitness instruction under the supervision of a nationally certified personal trainer.

Book more and save! Save up to 28% when you purchase multiple sessions at the same time.

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Remote Program Design

This one session, one hour personal training session is ideal for the college student or adult looking for more direction with their workout. This option includes a program design that will be prepared by a certified personal trainer with specific exercises and recommendations based on your goals. The remote program design session will take place over Zoom or another video conferencing platform.

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Body Composition Analysis

Go beyond the scale! The InBody body composition analyzer uses an advanced method of bioelectrical impedance to measure lean muscle mass, body fat percentage, and water in seconds. At the end of each InBody test, you will receive a personalized print out with results, explanations, and recommendations. After you purchase, you must email to schedule your appointment.

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Nutrition Services

Sargent Choice Nutrition Center

Learn about nutrition services to support your wellness goals including individual counseling, group workshops, and one-credit courses on campus.

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