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The Fitness and Recreation Center at Boston University is proud to assist a variety of nonprofit organizations and programs by supporting their educational, health and wellness initiatives. This support comes in the form of in-kind donations of classes, services and rental space used for charitable fundraisers. No financial contributions will be made.

The Fitness and Recreation Center at Boston University accepts formal requests for donation to charitable fundraisers only from within the Boston University community or from local federally registered nonprofit organizations.

The following policies and procedures must be used for donation requests:

  • All requests must be submitted in writing on original nonprofit organizational letterhead. Phone requests are not considered.
  • If a for-profit business or other group is running a fundraiser and donating the proceeds to a nonprofit organization, a letter on that charity’s original letterhead must accompany the donation request under the same guidelines as below.
  • Boston University student organizations without letterhead are encouraged to submit letters from their organization’s president requesting a donation.
  • Due to the high volume of requests, only completed requests received at least 8 weeks prior to an event will be considered.
  • Donations must be used for fundraising purposes and should be returned if not used at specified event.
  • Given the volume of requests, we cannot accommodate all requests.
  • Each nonprofit organization is eligible for a donation once per calendar year.

Guidelines checklist

Each request must include:

  • Formal request letter on the nonprofit organization’s official, original letterhead
  • Organization’s mission statement and/or one-page brochure
  • Organization’s website (if applicable)
  • Organization’s 9-digit federal tax-exempt ID number
  • Type of fundraising event
  • Event date/brochure date
  • Event solicitor’s full contact information: name, affiliation, address, phone number, email
  • Statement of the specific programs/activities the event proceeds will benefit

To request a donation, please email your request or mail it on your organization’s letterhead to:

Boston University
Fitness and Recreation Center

Attn: Charitable Donations
915 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, MA 02135

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