Private Scholarships

We encourage students to pursue scholarship opportunities in their local communities, as well as on a national level. We recommend these Scholarship Search services:

Notification letters and the payments from private scholarship donors should be mailed directly to:

Boston University, Student Accounting Services
25 Buick Street, Suite 130
Boston, Massachusetts 02215


  • Incoming students should also upload a copy of the outside scholarship notification letter to their MyBU Applicant Portal under the Financial Aid Checklist. The amount of the outside scholarship will be incorporated into the student’s financial aid award.

Effects of an Outside Award on Your Financial Aid

Federal regulations require that your total financial aid not exceed your demonstrated financial eligibility.

You must promptly inform BU Financial Assistance in writing of any additional award you receive from any source, either within or outside of Boston University.

Awards you must report include (but are not limited to):

  • Outside Scholarships & Grants
  • Tuition Benefits

If you receive an additional award from outside Boston University, your need-based aid will be reduced only if your total aid, from all sources, exceeds your demonstrated financial eligibility. Any reduction will be made to self-help (need-based student loan, or Federal Work-Study) first, and to grant only if the outside award exceeds your total self-help.

If you receive any additional award from another entity within Boston University, your need-based grant will be reduced by the amount of that award.

Additional aid and your preference for reduction (loan or Federal Work-Study) can be reported on your award notification acknowledgment.