Writing Assistance

Need help becoming a better writer?

The ERC’s Writing Assistance Program offers BU students, faculty, staff, and alumni an opportunity to develop their writing skills. ERC Writing Fellows focus on all aspects of the writing process and believe that everyone can become a better writer. The Writing Fellows can help you with all stages of the writing process: time management and organization, brainstorming, confusion over the readings or prompts, outlining, thesis formation, building an effective argument, drafting, integrating evidence and quotations, revising style and voice, identifying patterns of error at the sentence level, formatting citations, and learning techniques for editing and self-proofreading.

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Appointment Types

Drop Ins
  • 20 minutes (max)
  • Not scheduled in advance
  • For limited review
Good for:
  • Specific concerns, such as: introduction, subject-verb agreement, or topic sentences
  • Getting specific feedback, but not enough time for a holistic review
Traditional Appointments
  • 45 minutes
  • Booked in advance
  • For holistic review
Good for:
  • Students who are working on any stage of a written assignment: brainstorming, drafting, or revising
  • Concerns about clarity, argument or organization



Click the DROP-IN ZOOM link during above times to meet with a Writing Fellow

What to Expect

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Writing Assistance is the perfect opportunity to develop your writing skills and become a more confident writer.

Individuals should come prepared to each writing assistance appointment with their written work, ideas, or questions and goals to work on with a Writing Fellow. The appointment is a judgement free zone where you can ask any and all questions. You will lead the appointment with the guidance of a Writing Fellow. Together, you will talk about your writing and what you’re trying to accomplish. ERC Writing Fellows are graduate students with a strong background in effective writing who offer writing advice and troubleshooting strategies for your projects.


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