Are you looking to strengthen your understanding of Chemistry course content?

OrgoPrep has been designed with the students in mind, and has been shown to significantly increase student outcomes in Organic Chemistry (CAS CH203, CH211). The program occurs in late Summer, just before the start of Organic Chemistry. It features a hybrid self-study and live webinar format. OrgoPrep is designed to bridge the gap between the completion of General Chemistry 2 and the beginning of Organic Chemistry 1. OrgoPrep is collaboration between the Chemistry Education teams and the Educational Resource Center; the cohorts are led by an experienced undergraduate peer mentor who has been trained by the Chemistry education faculty and ERC staff. The result is a one-of-a-kind program, based on both students’ needs and advanced pedagogical tools.  (And it’s completely free for BU students!)


The Educational Resource Center would like to acknowledge the support provided by Boston University’s Shipley Center for Digital Learning & Innovation for this Chemistry Active-learning Resources for Educators (CARE) project.  The Orgo Prep program has been overwhelmingly successful thanks, in part, to the CARE videos created with the Shipley Center’s support and guidance.

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What to Expect

Each cohort of OrgoPrep is led by a trained peer mentor. Each week, students will review important and relevant content from previous courses, translate the content into Organic Chemistry, and practice the concept in different applications. For each of the six weeks, students will complete a self-paced video lesson (about 30 minutes) and a practice worksheet (about 1 hour), before attending a live and interactive webinar (about 1 hour). All in all, you can expect to spend about 2.5 hours/week on OrgoPrep!

How To Register

Registration for OrgoPrep Summer 2024 will begin in late May 2024. Please stay tuned for details.


Frequently Asked Questions

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