Approvals & Getting Started


The conduct of research with controlled substances (CS) is subject to extensive Federal and Massachusetts (MA) law. Strict record keeping and security measures are required for all aspects of receipt, use, storage and disposal. To ensure compliance with these regulations, and make better use of its research and administrative resources, the Boston University (BU) and the Legacy Charles River Campus (Legacy CRC) have revised its CS Programs.

Your work with controlled substances is covered by the Controlled Substances Program at Boston University (BU).

BU Controlled Substance Privileges

Step 1

To be eligible to use controlled substances in research at BU, you must register for and be granted privileges for yourself and all your research personnel (co investigators, technical staff and trainees) who will have access to controlled substances for your research.

BU Principal Investigators gain CS privileges for themselves and their research personnel to participate in the BU CS Program using the CS Authorization Form.

Step 2

Once you have privileges, each order on Controlled Substances requires review and approval by the Controlled substances office. BU Principal Investigators must sign in and submit the BU Requisition for Controlled Substances in Research for each specific request for Controlled Substances.