Boston University Controlled Substances Program

Your work with controlled substances is covered by the Controlled Substances Program at Boston University (BU). For general information regarding the program and related regulatory resources, go to the Program Overview.

  • Approvals are required before you get started as a Principal Investigator working with Controlled Substances.
  • FAQs A CS Program Investigator Q&A Handbook provides a summary of the BU Program as it applies to you, the investigator.
  • Policies Controlled Substance Program Policies define responsibilities and reporting requirements in the event of suspected noncompliance or diversion.
  • Training (suggested)
  • Resources Resources contains links to applications, forms, and information sheets.

To get started as a co-investigator, technical staff or trainee (undergraduate or graduate student or postdoctoral trainee), you must:

  1. Have your name listed in Controlled Substances Registration for Privileges obtained by the Principal Investigator.
  2. Complete, and keep current, your individual training. For training recommendations, go to BU Controlled Substances Researcher Training.

When you have completed the steps above, your have completed the pathway for Getting Started with Controlled Substances at BU.