Tax Free Ethanol Purchasing Update

Effective April 1st EHS will no longer be distributing tax free ethanol for research purposes  at the 650 Albany Street location on the medical campus.  Each building now has its own permit, which is on file with the preferred vendors, and can be ordered for delivery by individual departments.  Please see information below regarding how […]

Cold Stress Newsletter

Please be sure to review the EHS Cold Stress Newsletter.  This newsletter will provide information on cold stress and tips on how to deal with the cold.  If you have any questions regarding any of this content please reach out to EHS.

Heat Related Illnesses Newsletter

Please be sure to review the EHS Heat Stress Newsletter.  This newsletter will provide information on heat related illnesses and tips on how to deal with the heat.  If you have any questions regarding any of this content please reach out to EHS.

Important Safety Message Regarding Hand Sanitizer

Boston University has become aware through recent press coverage that benzene, a contaminant, had been found in specific lots of certain brands of hand sanitizer. Benzene is linked to an increased risk for certain types of cancer. Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) reviewed the types of hand sanitizers purchased and none of the identified brands have been […]

Please review updated Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP)

Boston University (BU) is committed to the safe and compliant use of chemicals in the laboratory. The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) sets forth the policies, procedures and guidelines in place to protect laboratory workers (and those supporting laboratories at BU), from the health hazards associated with hazardous chemical use in the laboratory. Please review the […]

Take safety precautions when using RNA extraction kits

Many labs use RNA extraction kits to isolate total RNA from a wide variety of samples, including animal and plant cells and tissue, bacteria, and yeast. While the kits are low hazard on their own, it’s important to remember that mixing incompatible chemicals can produce high hazard by-products and gases. There were incidents that researchers […]

Making compliance easier with improved systems

BU is working to increase ease of compliance without additional burden to our researchers and other EHS partners. BioRAFT, a secure research management system that was developed by a researcher, is being rolled out for several areas of EHS management. This is an integrated portal that increases reliability and streamlines data maintenance and accessibility for […]

BU Animal Assurance number updated

Effective immediately, BU’s Animal Welfare Assurance number has changed from A3316‐01 to D16-00204. This impacts both campuses and should be used on proposals going forward.