Intro to SciShield (Formerly BioRAFT)

Boston University Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) office uses the SciShield system to manage multiple aspects of the EHS safety program.  EHS utilizes SciShield (Formerly called BioRAFT) software management system to collect, organize and display real-time safety and compliance information. SciShield is an enterprise solution that will save researchers time on safety and compliance tasks, allowing them to focus on their research, while helping the institution more easily manage risk. The EHS deployment of SciShield allows BU EHS to maintain a  sustainable, protected database of people, spaces, hazards and job activities that will be the foundation for keeping the research community safe across our all of our campuses and site.  BU EHS utilizes SciShield to help manage the following tasks:

  • Chemical Inventory and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Management (ChemTracker)
  • Easy access to Documents and and Policies
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Incident Management
  • Inspection/Audit Program
  • Institutional Equipment Management
  • Radioisotope Management
  • Training Learning Management System (LMS)