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Developing the Well-being Economy: The Current State of Play

By Tim Thornton A well-being economy is orientated around promoting human well-being and ecological balance rather than focusing on ever increasing economic growth. Encouragingly, the idea of the well-being economy has transitioned from academic and community discussion to something that is being operationalized by governments. The concept of the well-being economy is being translated into […]

Are Personal Carbon Allowances the Missing Policy for Addressing Climate Change?

By Tim Thornton In recent decades, addressing climate change has gained increased attention as climate disasters have become more widespread. However, the international community is not currently on a sufficiently ambitious carbon emissions reduction trajectory to avoid non-catastrophic global warming. As illustrated in Figure 1, there is a large gap between global emissions with current […]

Competition or Cooperation? Understanding Human Behavior in Economic Analysis

By Dr. Tim Thornton Anybody familiar with economics, particularly with how economics is taught, will know full well how self-interest constrained by competition is regularly championed as a general recipe for progress. However, the complexity of the real-world seldom matches the simplicity of this recipe. Indeed, many situations require a concern with the interests of […]