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Carbon Dioxide Removal: What’s Worth Doing? A Biophysical and Public Need Perspective

The world is experiencing unprecedented environmental and economic challenges posed by climate change. The need to reduce carbon emissions by identifying and executing effective technologies for mitigating carbon emissions is critical. One such technology is carbon dioxide removal. In a new journal article published in PLOS Climate, June Sekera and coauthors examine two contrasting approaches […]

After COP26: Why Forests and Soils will be Crucial to Climate Policy

By Anne-Marie Codur and Jonathan Harris The latest stage in global efforts to respond to climate change was the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Glasgow in November 2021. The conference brought together delegations from 197 countries with the goal of achieving major progress […]

New Edition of ECI’s Environmental Text Shares Updated Materials on Renewable Energy, Climate Policy and Land Management

By Dr. Brian Roach Twenty years since the initial publication, the Fifth Edition of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: A Contemporary Approach by Jonathan M. Harris and Brian Roach is now available from Routledge. The text provides coverage of core theoretical concepts from environmental and ecological economics, along with topical chapters on climate change, fisheries, […]

Nelson’s Article, “Economics and Community Knowledge-Making,” Published in Journal of Economic Methodology

ECI Senior Researcher Julie Nelson’s article, “Economics and Community Knowledge-Making,” was published in the Journal of Economic Methodology in January 2021. The paper suggests that the economics discipline is beginning to acknowledge the social nature of knowledge-making, which contrasts with the field’s tradition of imagining objectivity as “something attainable by lone (traditionally male) researchers.” Positive […]

Sekera and Lichtenberger’s Paper on Carbon Capture and Public Policy Published in Biophysical Economics and Sustainability

In a recently published paper, June Sekera, Senior Research Fellow at BU’s Global Development Policy Center and her collaborator from The New School, Andreas Lichtenberger, reviewed the literature on carbon dioxide removal and found that the use of public funds to subsidize industrial-chemical methods is often counterproductive. The paper analyzes the flawed premises upon which […]

New article published on Feminist Economist, “Female Headship and Women’s Work in Nepal”

Studies on feminization of poverty have tended to homogenize female-headed households. This article presents a mixed methods approach disaggregating the experiences of female-headed households in the post-conflict period in Nepal. One of four households in Nepal is estimated to be female-headed, either as a result of conflict-related male deaths (de jure, or widow heads) or […]

Sekera’s article “Carbon Cleanup: The Public is Paying, But Who is Profiting?” published in Handelsblatt

In an article, published in the German newspaper Handelsblatt, Subventionen für CO2-Abscheidung sind verschwendetes Geld, ECI Senior Research Fellow June Sekera dissects the premises and promises of industrial-chemical methods of carbon capture. An English version of the originally-submitted article is at:  Carbon Cleanup: The Public is Paying, but Who is Profiting?  

Rajkarnikar’s Research on Gendered Impacts of Migration Published in REHO

Dr. Pratistha Joshi Rajkarnikar, Associate Director of the Economics in Context Initiative, at Boston University’s Global Development Policy Center, has her research published in the Review of Economics of the Household. In her study, titled ‘Male Migration and Women’s Decision Making in Nepal’, Rajkarnikar examines the changes in women’s decision-making roles due to the foreign […]

The Carbon Capture Conundrum: Public Need vs Private Gain (Full Report)

By June Sekera and Andreas Lichtenberger  Assessing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Reduction from a Public Policy Perspective: A Review of the Literature, February 2020    

The Carbon Capture Conundrum: Public Need vs Private Gain (Executive Summary for Policy Makers)

By June Sekera and Andreas Lichtenberger  Assessing Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Reduction from a Public Policy Perspective: A Review of the Literature, February 2020