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Carbon Dioxide Removal: What’s Worth Doing? A Biophysical and Public Need Perspective

The world is experiencing unprecedented environmental and economic challenges posed by climate change. The need to reduce carbon emissions by identifying and executing effective technologies for mitigating carbon emissions is critical. One such technology is carbon dioxide removal. In a new journal article published in PLOS Climate, June Sekera and coauthors examine two contrasting approaches […]

Carbon Dioxide Removal: A Comparative Analysis of Biological and Mechanical Approaches

By Kaylee Wei With the goal of identifying global solutions to the unprecedented environmental and economic challenges that the world faces due to climate change, the 2023 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP28) is currently underway in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As countries negotiate the outcomes of the conference, carbon capture and storage (CCS), a […]

Are Personal Carbon Allowances the Missing Policy for Addressing Climate Change?

By Tim Thornton In recent decades, addressing climate change has gained increased attention as climate disasters have become more widespread. However, the international community is not currently on a sufficiently ambitious carbon emissions reduction trajectory to avoid non-catastrophic global warming. As illustrated in Figure 1, there is a large gap between global emissions with current […]

COP27 and Climate Policy: the Role of Agriculture, Forests and Ecosystems

By Jonathan Harris and  Anne-Marie Codur The United Nations Climate Change Conference known as COP27 took place in Sharm-El-Sheik, Egypt, this November. Opinions differ on whether the conference should be rated a success or a failure, but there were both some clear accomplishments and some important tasks for the future.   The urgency of effective action on […]

Climate Challenges after the Glasgow Conference: The Roles of Forests and Soils

  Jonathan M. Harris and Anne-Marie Codur presented at the United States Society for Ecological Economics Conference on The Post-Covid Economy: Centering Justice, Sustaining Ecosystems June 21-24, 2022. Following the COP26 Glasgow climate conference in 2021, there remains a substantial gap between pledged and needed global emissions reductions. In addition to reducing emissions, closing this gap requires increasing carbon […]

After COP26: Why Forests and Soils will be Crucial to Climate Policy

By Anne-Marie Codur and Jonathan Harris The latest stage in global efforts to respond to climate change was the 26th Conference of the Parties (COP26) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, held in Glasgow in November 2021. The conference brought together delegations from 197 countries with the goal of achieving major progress […]

Teaching Modules Roundup: Incorporating Social Issues into Introductory Economics

By Stacey Yuen The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains deeply felt in the classroom as a new year has arrived. Beyond the possibility of switching to remote teaching, educators and students alike are contending with questions about whether their curriculum materials effectively reflect the changing realities in their society and the socioeconomic challenges that […]

New Edition of ECI’s Environmental Text Shares Updated Materials on Renewable Energy, Climate Policy and Land Management

By Dr. Brian Roach Twenty years since the initial publication, the Fifth Edition of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics: A Contemporary Approach by Jonathan M. Harris and Brian Roach is now available from Routledge. The text provides coverage of core theoretical concepts from environmental and ecological economics, along with topical chapters on climate change, fisheries, […]