Earth & Environment is hiring a tenure-track Assistant Professor

Boston University’s Department of Earth and Environment is hiring a tenure-track Assistant professor in modeling of the coastal marine environment, starting 7/1/2022, pending budgetary approval. Approaches include, although are not limited to: coupled physical-biogeochemical modeling, coupled biophysical modeling, large-eddy simulation, and sediment transport modeling. Topics of interest include effects of climate change and extreme events […]

Nilotpal Ghosh co-authors Laurentia-Gondwana collision study in Palaeo3

Geochemistry specialist Dr. Nilotpal Ghosh co-authored a paper titled “Sandstone petrographic and mudstone REE and Nd-isotopic evidence for Middle Pennsylvanian arrival of Gondwana sediments in the Fort Worth Basin” in the journal Palaeogeography Palaeoclimatology Palaeoecology. The study utilized petrographic and geochemical/isotopic data of Paleozoic sandstone and mudstone sediments from the Fort Worth Basin, Texas to […]