Students Present to Brookline Zero Emissions Advisory Board

Five students from EE 538, Research for Environmental Agencies and Organizations, presented to a meeting of the Zero Emissions Advisory Board of Brookline, MA.  Brookline has had a Climate Action Plan in place for more than a decade.  After Brookline resident Deborah Brown saw students present in 2021, she informed the Board of the possibility of benefiting from their research.  Ethan Goldman of the nonprofit Power-d.City, working with 538’s instructor Rick Reibstein, formed a working group consisting of Makayla Neese, Joseph Ferrucci, Dena Ciampa, Sarah Kaul, and Caleigh Ingram.  Because data from the city was not available the students focused on how a Climate Action Plan can classify and measure its actions in order to enable the easy tracking of progress towards zero emissions.  The Board’s chair Jesse Gray praised the contribution highly, commenting that he agreed with it and that the Board has a lot of work to do.  Other Board members concurred.  The students provided a brief overview of their work on May 2nd, in a zoom broadcast of projects by students in the class. For further information write