Higher Education Finance and Affordability (Speaker: Bob Hildreth)

  • Starts: 4:00 pm on Monday, January 28, 2019
  • Ends: 5:30 pm on Monday, January 28, 2019
Higher Education Finance and Affordability

Speaker: Bob Hildreth, Founder and President of the Board, Hildreth Institute

As we experience the reality of the digital age, one of the industries whose economic and practical models are under intensive examination is Higher Education.  In a digital economy, what is the practical value of an undergraduate degree? If a bachelor’ degree is no longer the primary pathway to employment in a digital economy, is the current price tag worth it?  Is the current way in which we finance higher education, and help students pay for this education, sustainable?

Bob Hildreth has thought a lot about these issues, and he has taken significant steps to address them in practice. Following a successful career in finance and at the IMF, Bob launched and worked with several non-profit organizations seeking to increase college affordability, transparency in pricing, and to reduce student debt burden. He teamed up with champions of diversity, accessibility, and affordability, establishing La Vida Scholars and Inversant, nonprofit organizations dedicated to working with low-to moderate income families to empower them with the resources and understanding they need to achieve their goals for higher education. However, it became clear that without systemic change, higher education will continue to fail those who need a degree the most. Our financial aid system’s increasing dependence on student loans to fund higher education has serious social justice ramifications. In the past decade, it is clear that student debt has become a racial issue, a gender issue, and a socioeconomic equality issue. The Institute’s goal is to elevate the unheard voices of those burdened by this debt and to advocate for an affordable higher education.

WED 250, Two Silber Way

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