Vote Like Your Health Depends on It

If mismanagement of a pandemic, widespread corruption, impeachment, the end of government oversight and accountability, racism, the caging of immigrant children, abuse of the powers of the state, and continued voter suppression are not enough to decide your vote this election season, here are seven public health issues that might guide your thinking. The four […]

Diversity 4.0 in the cardiovascular health-care workforce

The disparities amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic present disturbing evidence that we are far from cardiovascular health-care equity. Individuals, leaders and institutions must prioritize research, policies and structures to advance diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging — Diversity 4.0, a justice imperative, essential to advancing workforce excellence and cardiovascular health.

Opening Doors: Marcelle Willock, Pioneering Physician and BU School of Medicine Leader

They are determined to use their experience, influence, and positions to help make their business, organization, and world a more inclusive place. They are breaking barriers—and then reaching back to help those behind them overcome the same hurdles. They are mentoring students or younger colleagues, hiring diverse candidates, offering opportunities, and ensuring that employees succeed […]