The following language should be used on all promotional material, registration platforms, and landing pages for your events:

Boston University strives to be accessible, inclusive and diverse in our facilities, programming and academic offerings. Your experience in this event is important to us. If you have a disability (including but not limited to learning or attention, mental health, concussion, vision, mobility, hearing, physical or other health related), require communication access services for the deaf or hard of hearing, or believe that you require a reasonable accommodation for another reason please contact the event organizer [link to your or organization/department email] by [insert date 3 weeks prior to event] to discuss your needs.


Requesting Communication Access for your Event

Online Request Form

To request communication access (deaf and hard of hearing access) for your event, please complete the form above. We will make every effort to respond to and accommodate requests received. To help us best determine what access is required and who is responsible for payment, please fill out the form below with as much detail as possible. Requests received outside the recommended timeline below may be difficult to accommodate with preferred services and/or providers. In such cases, we will work with you to devise alternative arrangements, as needed.

Note: Our ability to secure qualified communication access providers is heavily influenced by four factors:

  • Administrative tasks: Time is needed to acquire, modify, and disseminate content materials to providers as well as secure ancillary University services that are critical to service provision.
  • Recruitment and scheduling: Providers qualifications in the content area of the event and the event community’s profile needs to be vetted and confirmed.
  • Location: In-person, hybrid, or exclusively virtual events require different levels of coordination attention.
  • High demand – low supply: Periods such as the beginning of the academic semester, regional matriculation and commencement season, conference season and evenings, weekends and holidays are considerably more challenging times to secure providers.