Remote Captioning Access

Please download the free 1Fuzion app for Windows or Mac.  To view the remote CART using 1Fuzion:

1. Open the 1Fuzion app

2. Ensure the Server is set to 1CapApp

3. Enter the “Event ID” ( This ID will be provided to you from DHHS)

4. Click “Launch”

How to customize your caption pod after launching the Event:

1. Re-open the 1Fuzion Menu (where you entered the “Event ID”)

2. Change any of the options (font, font color, background color, number of lines, speed of scrolling, etc.)

3. Return to your “Event”

4. Click and drag/stretch the caption pod anywhere on your screen


1. 1Fuzion is an overlay app. Once open, the caption pod will stay on your screen until you end the event. In other words, you can switch screens/layouts/tabs and the caption pod will continue to be available on your screen. This will allow you change layouts and look at other documents while continuing to view the caption pod.

2. You will no longer need to use the URL to view your remote CART. 1Fuzion replaces the need for this.

3. Whereas your URL always remained the same, 1Fuzion requires a different Event ID for each class meeting.

4. A roughly edited transcript will still be provided to you.

Trouble Shooting

1. If you experience any difficulties with your event, please email Hardeman Realtime, Inc. (HRI) at or text them at (813) 545-6777. You can also email or text your individual remote CART provider for assistance.