Note Taking Services


Note: Since Boston University has moved to remote teaching and learning, if you wish to register as a note taker, rather than visiting our office, please reach out to Willow Burke at


Disability & Access Services may recommend that a student with a qualifying disability be permitted to have a classmate take notes for them during in-class lectures. Note taking services are subject to the approval of the Dean of the qualifying student’s School or College. Note takers are paid a $130 stipend per course for taking notes for an approved student.

If you believe your require note taking services, please contact Disability & Access Services at 617-353-3658 or

Procedure for Students Receiving Notes

  • You are responsible for selecting a note taker early in the semester. Staff and Faculty cannot be note takers. If you cannot find a note taker, you may ask your instructor to make a recommendation, or an in-class announcement asking if anyone is interested in taking notes.
  • Your note taker must come to Disability & Access Services to complete the payroll process outlined below. You are responsible for notifying your note taker that if they have not completed the required paperwork within the first four weeks of the semester, we cannot guarantee payment for the current semester.
  • After a note taker has been obtained, you are responsible for working with them to ensure you get class notes in a timely manner. Disability & Access Services requests note takers provide class notes within 24 hours of class; however, you should coordinate with your note taker to find what works best for both of you.
  • The relationship between you and your note taker is very important. Your note taker is receiving payment to provide you with legible, comprehensive in-class notes, and it is up to you to tell them how to make these notes the best for you. Provide your note taker with feedback on good aspects of their notes, as well as areas that could use improvement or clarification.
  • Your note taker is responsible for contacting you if they will be absent from class. In such cases, you are in charge of making alternate arrangements for note taking. Keep in mind that note takers, like all students, may have legitimate reasons for which they cannot attend class.
  • Having a note taker Accommodation does not relieve you of the necessity to attend class. If you do not attend class, your note taker is not obligated to provide you with notes from the missed classes, unless the absence is approved by Disability & Access Service.
  • Notify Disability & Access Services immediately if there are any changes in your note taking request, especially if you decide that you no longer need the note taker.

Procedure for Note Takers

  • Note taking students must register at Disability & Access Services within the first four weeks of the semester. Note takers who have not completed the required paperwork within that time cannot be guaranteed payment by Disability & Access Services.
  • If this is your first time working for BU: When registering with Disability & Access Services you will also need to fill out an I-9 Form, which requires certain documents to verify your identity. A passport is ideal, but a complete list of options can be found on the USCIS website. You must bring one document from List A, or one document from List B plus another from List C. We can only accept original documents.
  • The note taker service is confidential. You should not divulge to anyone the name of or any information about the student receiving notes.
  • Notes are to be delivered directly to the student within 24 hours of class.
  • You are responsible for providing legible, comprehensive lecture notes that include information from the blackboard or overhead, and about homework assignments. If abbreviations are used, consider providing a key.
  • You must notify the student if you will be absent from class. This will give them the opportunity to make alternate arrangements for notes.
  • Having a note taker accommodation is not a legitimate excuse for missing class. Therefore, if the student is absent from class, you are not obligated to provide notes from the missed class, unless Disability & Access Services directs you otherwise.