Predoctoral Programs

The goal of predoctoral research training is to provide talented students with research experience early in their dental education. Research is introduced as a method for gaining new knowledge, teaching students that experimentation facilitates the application of modern approaches to oral health problems. The training program derives its strengths from the scientific expertise and student training record of the faculty of Molecular & Cell Biology and from the outstanding resources and environment the department provides. The research program areas include biochemistry, molecular and cell biology, and protein chemistry. Student-mentor relationships are developed through several established mechanisms, all of which lead to the formulation of comprehensive and highly focused research projects.

Faculty of the department participate in the Boston University Medical Center’s interdepartmental PhD Program in Cell &┬áMolecular Biology and in the National Science Foundation-funded PhD Program in Bioinformatics, administered by the Boston University College of Engineering. In addition, faculty participate in two predoctoral research training programs awarded to GSDM by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. These include 1) short-term training for minority and women dental students, and 2) short-term research training for dental students.

Furthermore, faculty of the department serve as research mentors for undergraduates in the physical/mathematical/engineering sciences, a program supported by the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of General Medical Sciences and sponsored by the Department of Biology at the University.

For additional information on predoctoral research training, please contact:

Dr. Maria Kukuruzinska
Associate Dean for Research

Phone: 617-358-9690
Fax: 617-414-1041

Also visit our predoctoral research website.