John Keklak


  • Title Lecturer
  • Education M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    B.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In Professor Keklak’s four decades of software development, he has formulated significant algorithms for region processing and boundary offset, both key technologies for automated machining. He is the founder of several software start-ups, including Building Block Software and CNC Software. As an instructor at BU, he has taught software engineering, computer science and programming both at Boston University Metropolitan College and College of Arts and Sciences. Among his developments in software engineering is a novel technique for using project unknowns to effectively manage programmers. He has been awarded numerous patents for his work in software development.

He is the Chair of Boston Software Process Improvement Network and has 40 years experience as a software developer and entrepreneur in CAD/CAM using C/C++, Python, Java, JavaScript and a myriad of other languages and frameworks. In addition he has 10 years of experience teaching software engineering, computer science, and programming.

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