Dawson Williams


  • Title Lecturer
  • Education M.B.A. Emory University
    M.S. Boston University

Dawson Williams has been in technology for over 45 years. He has served in engineering groups, has worked for two Fortune 500 technology firms, one mid-sized technology firm where he served as Vice President of the Western U.S., purchased (and sold) one mid-sized technology firm; and finally conducted a boot strap start-up of Plum Laboratories, a manufacturer of portable data communication networks and recently sold Plum Labs in December of 2019.

Currently, Dawson works in the transitioning Plum Labs to the new owners. Additionally, he has been facilitating and later teaching at Boston University since 2014. He has been the guest speaker for a number of entities including the Accounting Organizations and Society, the American Marketing Association, American Management Association, several universities and numerous technology manufacturers.

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