HE100 Medical Terminology Pre-Lab

HE 100 provides a basic understanding of medical terminology that is necessary for students to advance in Health Informatics studies. This laboratory will help ensure students from non-medical backgrounds have the fundamental knowledge of human anatomy, pathologies associated with it, and medical terminology. These are tools necessary for everybody who will specialize in the BU MET Health Informatics program.

After completing this laboratory, students will be able to:
• Understand medical imaging and description of coordinates associated with it
• Understand prefixes and suffixes of medical terminology
• Understand basics of medical laboratory technologies
• Understand pathologies associated with human body
• Understand basics of human body
• Understand Pharmaceutical terminology
• Understand Clinical trials and associated terminology

Knowledge areas are structured in six units and modules. Slides, exercises, self-administered tests, instructional videos narrated by course developers, are offered.