Special Topics

Special Topics

MET CS 593 (4 credits)

Spring 2022 Topic: Business of Healthcare IT and Biotech. The course MET CS593 Special Topics in Business of Healthcare IT and Biotech introduces basic business concepts in healthcare, biotech and biomedical entrepreneurship and provides a hands-on experience in creating, proposing and justifying a business model for a healthcare or a biotech company. Students work in groups to propose business ideas and provide analysis leading to a business plan. After providing market needs and competitive analysis of their proposals they use Canvas to develop and assess their business models and SWOT analysis to identify their weaknesses, threats, strengths and opportunities. Finally, they present their business models including the empathy map and the canvas blocks, defending their business proposal.

2023SPRGMETCS593 A1, Jan 19th to Apr 27th 2023

Days Start End Type Bldg Room
R 03:30 PM 06:15 PM CGS 527

Format & Syllabus: