Advanced Programming Concepts

Advanced Programming Concepts

MET CS 422 (4 credits)

  • Quantitative Reasoning II
  • Critical Thinking
  • Creativity/Innovation

Comprehensive coverage of object-oriented programming with cooperating classes. Implementation of polymorphism with inheritance and interfaces and in Java library containers. Programming with exceptions, stream input/output and graphical AWT and Swing components. Threads, sockets, datagrams and database connectivity are also covered in this course. Laboratory course. Prerequisite: MET CS 341 or MET CS 342. Or instructor's consent. For undergraduates only. Effective Fall 2020, this course fulfills a single unit in each of the following BU Hub areas: Quantitative Reasoning II, Creativity/Innovation, Critical Thinking.

2023SPRGMETCS422 A1, Jan 19th to Apr 27th 2023

Days Start End Type Bldg Room
R 06:00 PM 08:45 PM SCI 115

Format & Syllabus: