Career Advisory Network

We are committed to connecting the University’s community of students, recent graduates, and other alumni to encourage professional success. To achieve this goal, this BUAA offers its online Career Advisory Network.

Comprised of nearly 6,000 volunteer alumni representing a wide variety of industries and locales, CAN Advisors serve in roles ranging from Tanglewood musicians and Los Angeles film producers to European engineers and East Asian archaeologists.

Be connected / Get advice / Gain experience / Advance your career / BU CAN!

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“I used CAN to contact an alum in the Los Angeles area. While home on vacation, we arranged a meeting, she set me up with contacts, and now I’m headed to LA to work. She gave me real advice, about the industry and about life after BU. It was great.”
—Jessica Payne (COM’03)

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Thousands of alumni are sharing career advice and connections. Are you one of them?

CAN Advisors have the flexibility to support other alumni and students on their terms and at times that work best for them. As an Advisor, you can select from a menu of the types of support you can offer, ranging from one-time career conversations to long-term mentoring relationships.

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“Elizabeth Sarley, CAS ’13 reached out to me via CAN for an informational interview. At the time, I was building my communications department and Liz was the perfect fit. She began as a fellow in the fall, and we were so impressed with her, she was offered a permanent position a few months later. I have continued to watch her grow as we’ve both moved onto new organizations, and I am so proud to have helped a fellow Terrier enter the workforce post-graduation.”
—Cara Willis (CAS ’08)

Frequently Asked Questions

Serving as an Advisor means that you volunteered to serve as a point of contact for other alumni and students for advice, networking, mentoring, and/or for experiential learning opportunities like informational interviews or job-shadowing. As an Advisor, you serve as a “warm-call” instead of the dreaded cold-call!

It depends. The rate at which Advisors are contacted is often determined by how “desirable” positions are at your organization, how advanced you are in your career, what state or country you live it, etc. On average, Advisors can expect to be contacted a few times a year

Yes! It’s quite easy to temporarily make your profile inactive. Simply log in to your online Advisor profile and un-check the box marked “I would like to be a Career Advisor.” When you’re ready to make yourself available again, simply log back in and check that same box.

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