TECH Talk: Building Modern Web Applications | February 16, 2023

TECH Talks are an opportunity to hear from industry experts on current trends, challenges, research, and employment opportunities. In this presentation, guest speakers from Veeva Systems will introduce concepts of using React for building the UI of a modern web application. They will also introduce the core concepts of building a scalable server-side API using GraphQL and gRPC. Students are encouraged to prepare their resumes for TECH Talk events to discuss job and internship opportunities.

February 16, 2023

Guest Speakers: Sara Stiklickas, Senior Software Engineer at Veeva Systems; George Vincent, Senior Engineering Manager at Veeva Systems
Moderated by Professor Guanglan Zhang, Interim Chair, Department of Computer Science

Sara Stiklickas is a Senior Software Engineer on the MyVeeva for Patients team and builds frontend features using React for all parts of our web applications, including our eConsent and ePRO capabilities.

Sara is originally from Long Island, New York and considers herself a New Yorker at heart, although she has lived in Boston since college (except for a year in the Bay Area and six months in Milwaukee). She graduated from MIT in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering and worked at GE Digital, GE Healthcare, and a startup under GE Aviation called AiRXOS before joining Veeva.

In her free time she likes hanging out with friends, playing videogames and board games, crafting, cooking, and baking. She loves music and play around with a couple of instruments when she can. She also likes to spend time taking walks and relaxing outdoors.

George Vincent is a Senior Engineering Manager at Veeva. He has prior experience in building secure and scalable applications, with focus on the middle tier and database tier. George is originally from a small southern state in India, Kerala. He moved to the US in 2006, and has lived on both the east and west coasts. He moved back to Boston after spending close to 4 years in Bay Area. He has 2 kids – daughter in 2nd grade and a one year old son.

George graduated with a Masters’ in Computer Science and Bachelors’ in Electronics & Communication Engineering. He’s been working in the tech industry through his entire career building products and teams. In his free time, George likes traveling, photography and binge watching TV/TED shows.

To apply for their full-time or internship positions, please visit their web site:

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