Linpeiyu Ji

Linpeiyu Ji (Jenny)
MS in Computer Information Systems, Concentration in Health Informatics (MET’22)
Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management

What do you find most fascinating about the discipline of computer information systems? Do you have a particular focus within the broader field?
I was attracted to the health informatics concentration of MET’s MS in Computer Information Systems program because I wanted to continue my studies in biology-related fields and IT. I majored in marine biology as an undergrad and was interested in biology, medicine and healthcare. I found that the courses in MET’s Computer Science department were interesting and related to what was happening in the real world. The professors not only gave us theoretical knowledge and solid skills that we could use immediately on graduating, but also educated us about what was happening in related fields.

I am currently in the process of trying different fields, and that was one of the reasons I decided to earn two other certificates to broaden my view and knowledge. Hopefully, I can combine them in a future career.

Did you always intend on going back to school, or did the need arise at a particular moment?
I always knew that I wanted to go to graduate school after college. Even after COVID-19 hit, I did not change my mind. So I applied for graduate school and moved to Boston.

Congratulations on your high achievement in the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems (MSCIS) program and your Award for Excellence in your studies! Looking back, what do you consider to be the main ingredients of your success?
Thank you! In my opinion, the top motivation was I was very interested in the field and the courses MET offered. So I did not feel that I was doing this just to earn a degree, but enjoyed the learning process. Talking to professors and classmates, and getting to know their life experiences in the field, was a pleasure.

How were you able to successfully balance your studies with your commitments outside the classroom?
I tried really hard to manage my time well, but MS-level classes were tough! They required so many hours of studying outside of the classroom, especially for someone who is relatively new to the field. Another key factor in my success was my parents, who understood my goals and gave me full support in what I wanted to achieve and do.

Was your success in the program driven by a particular outcome—such as professional advancement, educational achievement, personal satisfaction, or something else?
Everyone wants to succeed at things they are passionate about, hoping that in the professional world academic achievement will be seen and acknowledged. Also, as an only child I wanted to make my parents proud.

Is there a particular course or project that enhanced your experience in the MSCIS program?
The flexibility of taking all kinds of courses definitely enhanced the experience, giving me the ability to take courses that interested me. The program also offered me the opportunity to learn programming skills.

Being able to join and work at the MET health informatics research lab was an amazing experience. I got to perform hands-on research using medical datasets, and used skills learned in class to analyze the data. Learning from the professors and other research assistants definitely helped me be more successful.

How do you plan to apply the skills and competencies you gained during your studies moving forward? What is next in store for you?
I am still in the process of exploring, but I believe that the skills and competencies I acquired during my studies will help me in my future career.

You were recognized by faculty and peers for your hard work and dedication to the MSCIS program. What “words of advice” or encouragement have served as a guiding principle, or simply inspiration, for you?
I would like to give very special thanks to Prof. Guanglan Zhang. Professor Zhang provided so much help in my studies including course advice, career advice and opportunities for me in the MET health informatics research lab. She was always kind and patient, guiding and inspiring me through my research.

Is there anything else you would like to add?
I would like to thank my parents, professors, the Computer Science department and classmates for their support and encouragement.

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