2022 CAS Hacktuary Challenge

The deadline for the 2022 CAS Hacktuary Challenge is September 30, 2022. Enter for your chance to win the prize of $15,000. Entrants should complete the interest form below.

Actuary /ak(t)SHəˌwerē/ noun

  1. A professional who quantifies risk, particularly in the area of insurance
  2. A statistical discipline that focuses on financial uncertainties

Hacktuary /hak(t)SHəˌwerē/ noun

  1. An actuary who is particularly skilled at the development of novel and technologically innovative solutions for risk engineering
  2. An actuary with strong programming skills who deploys them in clever ways
  3. Familiar reference to a contest sponsored by the Casualty Actuarial Society (CAS) that supports the creation of risk engineering solutions of benefit to the insurance industry and the public


The CAS is pleased to announce its inaugural “Hacktuary Challenge,” a contest designed to showcase the actuarial skill set in developing novel risk engineering solutions. The challenge offers a prize of $15,000 to the individual or group who develop an application that utilizes actuarial concepts to solve a pressing risk management problem related to personal auto insurance. The target platform of the application is open — it may be deployed as a mobile app, an interactive web site, a desktop application, or some other means. The only deployment criteria are that it be publicly available and feature interactive elements.

Although focused on personal auto risk, the challenge is open to a wide range of ideas on this topic. Potential applications include:

  • A mobile app that lets a user search locations, times, or days with heightened accident frequency.
  • A searchable database of driver-assist features.
  • A premium cost comparison with theoretical deductible amounts.

Learn more and register: https://www.casact.org/article/reminder-apply-2022-cas-hacktuary-challenge 

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