Christopher Nzuka

Alum Advises Students to “Learn as Much as You Can”
Christopher Nzuka
Christopher Nzuka
Assistant Project Manager, Pearson
MS in Computer Information Systems, IT Project Management Concentration (MET’20)

Why did you choose BU MET for your graduate studies? What set BU MET apart from other programs you were considering?
I joined Boston University MET following a recommendation from some of my friends who were attending the school when I was finishing my bachelor’s degree at Salem State University. What set BU’s MS in Computer Information Systems, IT Project Management program apart were: its community of students, faculty and staff, who enriched our learning experience through multiple extracurricular activities, including social events; a career fair; and world class conferences that helped us learn from experts in the field. The school is accredited by well-known organizations such as the Project Management institute (PMI) and the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).

Were you able to use faculty as a resource? Is there a particular faculty member who enhanced your experience at BU MET?
Yes, I had the privilege of having Dr. Vijay Kanabar as my instructor, program director and also guide. After I completed his courses, Dr. Kanabar allowed me to work as his teaching and research assistant in his project management class. He also helped me with my job search and helped me prepare to get a professional certification in the PM field.

How were you able to adapt to some of the challenges of balancing work, home-life, and school? Did you benefit from BU MET’s flexible class delivery options?
I pursued my master’s degree as a fulltime student and was not a working professional at the time. I did have to commute about one hour each way for school so I would usually spend the day doing research and studying at the library. The school typically offered at least two sessions of a class (day and evening), so I could always organize my schedule to choose what was best for me.

Are there any specific skills or competencies you acquired during your studies that qualified you for a promotion, professional designation, title change or other benefit?
As an international student, I could not work while pursuing my degree. But the degree and certification I earned, together with the guidance of BU faculty, played a significant role in helping me find a job in my field of study.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is considering applying to this program?
Read the course outlines on the website and prepare accordingly. If you’re coming directly from undergraduate studies, bear in mind that graduate level courses tend to go faster and are more challenging overall. Talk to your advisor, current students and alumni to get a feel for what to expect. You will be very busy once school starts.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
“Learn as much as you can.” In addition to a degree in a chosen field, I think current and future students should explore other fields of potential interest. We never know what the future holds. In my case, I have found that the skills I learned by taking classes in different fields like mathematics, finance and accounting have proven useful even today for both personal projects and my work in the IT project management field.

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