Software Verification Architecture | December 3, 2020

Faculty Speaker: Alex Elentukh, Lecturer
Moderated by: Andrey Blidman, Computer Science Program Coordinator
December 3, 2020

Abstract: In this TECH Byte, Professor Elentukh will discuss the software verification architecture. With an ever growing number of various test types, it is crucial to strategically position tests into a coherent architecture, for both, test design and execution. In financial and medical devices industries, IT departments commonly employ more testers than coders. This is due to a huge risk involved with even a minuscule defect. Some companies use a unified title of a “software team member” responsible for all relevant activities. Still, the verification task, including writing and executing test cases, is always well-pronounced. During the presentation, Professor Elentukh will explore several industry-standard verification architectures and gladly respond to comments.

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