Dr. Charles Pak

After Defending the Nation’s Cybersecurity, Charles Pak Brings Industry Solutions and Lessons to the Classroom

Charles Pak
Lecturer, Computer Science
Senior Cybersecurity Solution Expert

PhD, Nova Southeastern University; MS, Capitol College;
BS, Pennsylvania State University

What is your area of expertise?
I specialize in cybersecurity, Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP), PKI, cyber counter-terrorism, and risk assessment and management, authentication technologies, SCADA, and cyber-protection and defense.

Please tell us about your work. Can you share any current research or recent publications?
I have taught information systems courses for over twenty-five years as a practitioner and professor, and have published several research papers in information security. As a practitioner, I hold several industry certifications: CISM, CRISC, CISSP, ITIL, SSCP, MCSE, MCT, and CCNA. My recent publications include work regarding Hidden Markov Models (HMMs), exploring near real-time risk assessment, risk forecasting, and asset priority risk assessment.

How does the subject you work in apply in practice? What is its application?
I have managed US Federal Government data centers for over twenty years, including personnel. In this role, I designed, tested, implemented, and maintained some of the largest enterprise network sites in the world, which encompassed distributed sites across the US as well as the international sites. I managed state-of-the-art systems for military and federal government missions, and I also have delivered cybersecurity industry solutions to warfighters to defend the nation’s cybersecurity and provide critical protection from matters of cyber warfare, cyberterrorism, and cybercriminals.

What courses do you teach at MET?
I teach Enterprise Cyber Security (MET CS 695), Network Security (MET CS 690), Business Data Communication and Networks (MET CS 625), Database Security (MET CS 674), Information Systems Analysis and Design (MET CS 682), and IT Security Policies and Procedures (MET CS 684).

Please highlight a particular project within these courses that most interests your students.
In Enterprise Cyber Security (MET CS 695), we conduct a password-cracking lab assignment that requires students to unlock a Windows operating system via password list, simulating how hackers can crack our computer passwords. Students get their hands on password-cracking tools and through the experiment come to realize the vulnerabilities of our computer systems. We have five uniquely designed labs in the course: Windows password cracking, web browser privacy and security, file encryption, port and vulnerability scans, and network traffic packet capture analysis.

As a part-time faculty member, you straddle the professional and the academic worlds. What do you consider to be the unique value that you bring to the classroom?
With 35 years background in the industry, I bring my real-world experience to the class, and offer insight into what students may experience in the real-world. I have found that students appreciate lessons born of my hands-on experience.

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