Welcome to the FYSOP Museum


Letter to Our Guests 



Welcome to Museum!

When we started working on Museum a couple of months ago, we had a lot of amorphous ideas that we were tossing around for what FYSOP Museum could and should look like, considering this year is a virtual experience. We ultimately ended up having something a bit less flashy than our original concepts. However, it is something we are all incredibly proud of and we hope that each of you will connect with it in some special way.

Especially since this was the first time that Museum would be set up in an online platform, there truly was no standard for what our final product would look like. While this posed many challenges for us, as all of the precedents we had in mind seemed to be impossible options, we also had the ability to establish a new vision, and make Museum something completely different from iterations of past years.

We had many concepts, from potentially recreating the Community Service Center in Minecraft or The Sims, to utilizing interactive media that would directly involve participants, to incorporating all of our content onto a Blackboard website similar to that used in Orientation. For a while, it seemed like we were just theorizing about this or that, coming up with contingencies and alternatives. But when we got a solid platform — our current home on the CSC website — we started to see everything we’d been working toward coalescing into the beautiful mosaic you have available to you now. 

We hope you love it as much as we do. :’-) <3



Your Museum Coordinators