Welcome to BU Computer Science!

We’re delighted to have you enrolled in our program.  To get started on campus, there are a few administrative items you’ll need to take care of, first.  Please follow the directions below.

Get a BU ID card:

Students can get their BU ID, known as a Terrier Card, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m., from the Terrier Card Office, 775 Commonwealth Avenue, Student Lounge, Lower Level. Note: The Terrier Card Office will not officially start issuing cards until August 30.

Get a BU computer account:

Students can get a BU computer account at the Information Technology Help Center service desk at 179 Amory Street (West Campus) or 771 Commonwealth Avenue (Mugar Library). You must bring your BU ID, and your letter of acceptance into the CS program.

Get a CS account:

Once you have your BU account, bring your BU ID card to room 302 at 730 Commonwealth Ave (the undergraduate computing lab) and speak with a Terminal Assistant about getting a CS account. CS accounts allow access to Linux and Windows workstations in the undergraduate labs and most offices, and remote access to csa2 and csa3, which are the department’s main servers.

Access to CS research lab:

Access to the CS research lab is available to persons actively engaged in research in the CS Department. To gain access to the CS research lab, students must be sponsored by a faculty member. The sponsoring faculty member will be responsible for allocating any needed equipment and overseeing the student’s use of lab resources.

The Computer Science Research Laboratory is on the 2nd floor of 111 Cummington Mall. The main door of the lab is labeled MCS 205–218 and is across from the west staircase of 111 Cummington Mall. Cardkey access to the CS research lab is available to persons actively engaged in research in the CS Department. Your BU ID serves as your cardkey.

TFs and RFs automatically receive cardkey access. Otherwise, you need to have a faculty sponsor and then ask Kori MacDonald, in MCS 140D, to set up your BU ID card access to the research lab.

General user help:

For answers to many common questions about accessing and using the department’s computing resources, please refer to the User Help Pages on the CS Department Wiki site at http://cs-wiki.bu.edu/.

Your CS web page and E-mail:

For questions on these topics, please refer to the relevant sections of the CS Department Wiki site.

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