Distinguished CS Colloquium Talk by Seif Haridi on Sep 22nd

This talk is part of our 40th anniversary celebration!

Title: Dataflow and Streaming Research at KTH

Speaker: Prof. Seif Haridi, Chair-Professor at KTH, Sweden

When: Friday, September 22, 2023 @ 9am 
Where: WED 130, 2 Silber Way, Boston, MA 02215

The upcoming presentation will trace the progression of our distributed computing group’s research effort. We’ll initiate the talk by delving into the origins of Apache Flink, from its inception as a Bigdata batch analytics mechanism to its transformation into a real-time streaming analytics system, and finally in its introduction to the open-source community. Transitioning from the past, the focus will shift to current research projects at KTH. Particular attention will be given to three ongoing projects:
· Arc-Lang: A dataflow language tailored for stream analytics in the era of Artificial Intelligence;
· Omni-Paxos: a state machine replication service for distributed applications; and
· Portals: a platform for transactional stateful serverless services in the cloud.

Seif Haridi is the Chair-Professor of Computer Systems at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he heads the Distributed Computing group. Previously the Chief Scientific Advisor of RISE SICS until 2019, he has led major European research programs in Cloud Computing and Big Data. Haridi co-founded start-ups like HiveStreaming and Hopsworks and authored the MIT-press textbook “Concepts, Techniques, and Models of Computer Programming.” He has spent a decade teaching courses on Distributed Algorithms and Peer-to- Peer Computing at KTH. He is a co-designer of SICStus Prolog, and the Mozart Programming System of Oz, a programming language for distributed computing. His recent contributions include the Apache Flink design, a stream analytics engine, and Hops-FS the file systems of Hopsworks, which is Europe’s premier platform for data analytics and machine learning. Hops-FS was awarded the IEEE Scale Prize 2017, and with Hopsworks, he secured the European Data Science Technology Innovation 2019 award. Recently together with other researchers he was awarded the ACM SIGMOD 2023 Systems award for the impact of Apache Flink on stream data processing.