BU CS Undergrads Excel at AngelHack Boston

angelhackbostonTwo Boston University Computer Science students, Ben Lawson (CAS ’17) and Tim Lim (CAS ’17) and two MIT students Amin Manna (’17) and LaGrassa (’18) walked away with over $3,000 worth of prizes on June 6-7 at AngelHack Boston for their project titled “Pursue Happiness”. In 24 hours, they hacked together a project that analyzes public tweets in the city of Boston to plot the shortest path between two user defined points – minimizing distance but maximizing happiness. They competed against just under 100 people in 30 teams and won two of the five top prizes (Best Use of HP Haven OnDemand API and Linode services prizes) Here’s a link to the project (


Interested in competing in a hackathon? Check BU’s annual overnight hackathon, MakeBU hosted in part by BUILDS

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