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APTA Podcast: Health Services Research- Why it Matters for every PT and PTA:

APTA Public Policy Priorities – Click here to view.

APTA Research Priorities – (Coming Soon)


Training Opportunities – (Separate Pages)

List of Phd Programs in HSR

List of Postdoctoral Fellowship programs in HSR

VA Training Opportunities in HSR

Academy Health Professional Development Opportunities


LeaRRn Resource Database

CoHSTAR collaborates with LeaRRn to provide an extensive database of resources. We encourage you to visit the LeaRRn website for a searchable resource database by clicking here.



Visit the MR3 website for more information and to access online applications!


Funding Opportunities

HPA Grant Program:

D.L. Hart Memorial Outcomes Research Grant:



Center for Large Data Research & Data Sharing in Rehabilitation

Clinical Scholars is a national leadership opportunity for clinically active health care providers spanning a range of disciplines to engage in intensive learning, mentoring and networking to advocate for health equity in their communities. Learn more on their website:



Identify funded HSR studies

HSRProj (Health Services Research Projects in Progress)

Database of funded HSR projects:

Information about ongoing health services research and public health projects

Downloadable database of funded HSR projects from HSRProj


Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) Courses – TO BE MIGRATED TO LEARRN

“New Frontiers In Disability-Related Comparative Effectiveness Research” Conference Webcast – Click the Topics Below to View Archived Videos.