Security & Privacy

Video from your computer and audio from your microphones will be captured for as long as long as the inputs are connected to the Echo360 capture appliance. Turning off the projector does not terminate the recording.

While recording your classes, there are a few things to take into account:

  1. Be aware of the start and end time of recordings, whether scheduled to start automatically or started and stopped manually.
  2. Avoid allowing microphones to record sensitive conversations.
    • Many lavalier microphones have a mute function; be sure to use it when having a conversation that should not be recorded.
    • Be aware of conference room-style microphones designed to pick up audience comments.
  3. Avoid displaying sensitive information on your presenting computer.
    • Powering down the room projector will not prevent this content from being recorded.
    • Presenter laptops can be disconnected from the projection system to safely share sensitive content with individuals in class except when Echo360 Personal Capture software is installed on the laptop and is recording.

If you suspect that some sensitive information was captured and recorded, you can contact us to request that a recording be edited or unpublished.