Lecturer; Coordinator of Ancient Greek and Latin

I’m an alumna of BU’s Core Curriculum and BU’s Classics Department (BA 2005, PhD 2018), where I’ve been nourished on lively conversations, stimulating texts, and a warm community. I’m glad to be back.

My current book project is about messenger speeches in the Iliad. I’m especially interested in characterization and speech in Homer, and in the flexibility and range of poetic conventions.

I have a rich history teaching Greek and Latin, starting with 8 years at BU Academy. I am interested in developing language pedagogy that is effective, engaging, and accessible to all. I’ve also taught in BU’s Writing Program, where I’ve taught courses on Ovid, Homer, Greek tragedy, and receptions of Classical texts in art and poetry.

I have been speaking Latin since 2004, through Reginald Foster’s Latin experiences in Rome, the University of Kentucky’s conventicula, the Paideia Institute’s Living Latin in Rome High School program (which I direct), and elsewhere. I am also beginning to learn to speak Attic Greek.

Research Interests:

Homeric poetry; Greek drama; Greek and Latin epic; translation; Renaissance receptions and translations of Greek and Latin literature; Petrarch and Dante