PhD Alums 2023-2011


Amdur, Zara
Women and Metaphors of Sexual Reproduction in Plato
First Reader: Roochnik

Burmeister, Victoria
Witches and Space in Ancient Roman Literature from Horace to Apuleius
First Reader: Uden

Paul, Joshua
Until Death? The Afterlife in Latin Love Elegy
First Reader: Uden
Postdoctoral Fellow in Latin Language, Literature, and Culture,  Department of Classics & Archaeology, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada


Pasco, Ryan

The Shifting Meaning of the Saturnalia in Imperial Latin Literature from Domitian to Hadrian (81-138 CE)
First Reader: Uden
Publications and Undergraduate Program Coordinator, Harvard University Classics Department


Lopes, Jesse
Computational Foundations of Phenomenology
First Reader: Hopp


Pang, Colin
Hesiod and the Critique of Homer in Quintus of Smyrna’s Posthomerica
First Reader: Scully
Golden View Classical Academy (Golden, CO) Teacher 


Baxter, Elizabeth
A Spring of Ambrosial Words: Finding Pindar in Pindar
First Reader: Henderson

Fisher, Rachel
Homophrosyne and Women in the Iliad
First Reader: Scully

Hutcheson, Laurie
Messengers and the Art of Reported Speech in the Iliad
First Reader: Scully
Lecturer, Boston University

Libatique, Daniel
Tereus, Procne, and Philomela: Speech, Silence, and the Voice of Gender
First Reader: Johnson
Vincent J. Rosivach Professor of Classical Studies
Fairfield University

West, David
The Case for Politics: A Cross-Generic Study of Cicero’s Arguments for Political Engagement
First Reader: Vasaly
Assistant Professor, Ashland University


Jarvis, Amanda
Euripides and Thucydides From 415-411: Thematic Parallels
First Reader: Henderson
Senior Executive Assistant to the CAO, MIT Sloan School of Management


Austin, Emily
Grief, Longing, and Anger: A Study of Emotions in the Iliad
First Reader: Scully
Assistant Professor, University of Chicago

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I-Kai Jeng
Knowledge and Logos in Plato’s Sophist
First Reader: Roochnik
Assistant Professor, National Taiwan University


Dixon, Dustin
Myth Making in Greek and Roman Comedy
First Reader: Henderson
Assistant Professor, Grinnell College (previously Visiting Assistant Professor, Emory University, Loyola University Maryland)


Wheeler, Michael
Meter in Catullan Invective: Expectations and Innovation
First Reader: Johnson
World Language Teacher, Framingham High School (MA)


Klein, Viviane Sophie
Playing the Part: The Role of the Client in Horace’s Sermones and Epistles
First Reader: Johnson
Lecturer in the Core Curriculum, Boston University


DiLuzio, Joseph
Rhetoric and Popular Power in Cicero’s Early Speeches
First Reader: Vasaly
Lecturer in Classics, Baylor University

Holm, Seth
Honeyed Cups: Latent Didacticism in Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura
First Reader: Scully
Modern Language and Classics Teacher, The Hun School of Princeton (previously Visiting Assistant Professor, Colgate College, Tufts University)

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Vincze, Michael
Dying to Know: Five Studies on Death and Identity in Apuleius’ Metamorphoses
First Reader: Henderson
Teacher in Latin, BASIS Independent, Brooklyn, NY


Melymbrose (Dimitriou), Julia
Funny Love: Aphrodite in Old Comedy
First Reader: Henderson
Head of People Ops at content marketing agency Animalz

 Travillian, Tyler
Social and Literary-Historical Studies of the Corpus Priapeorum
First Reader: Henderson
Associate Professor, Pacific Lutheran University (previously Affiliate Assistant Professor, University of Dallas)