Faculty News

Professor Ruck announces Gaia Project

The Gaia Project for a new museum complex at the archaeological site of the ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries, to become the International Center for the Study of Mankind’s Relationship to our Planet Earth. The project envisages the renewal of our testament or covenant with our planet and seeks to restore the Rarian plain to fertility, […]

Undergraduate Conference Announced

The Boston University Classics Department is proud to announce a research symposium in which speakers will examine the editorial decisions that shape Homeric epic. We welcome two guest speakers, Professors Neel Smith (College of the Holy Cross) and Michael Haslam (University of California, Los Angeles), as well as six BU undergraduates who will speak to […]

‘Aristophanes’ Play Announced!

Announcing the Department of Classical Studies and the Core Curriculum’s annual “Aristophanes” production: Plautus’ Mostellaria (“The Haunted House”). That’s right, for the first time ever, the annual “Aristophanes” play will actually be a Roman Comedy! There will be clever slaves, foolish young men, and prostitutes with complicated backstories! They will get mixed up in hair-brained schemes involving […]

Workshop on New Sappho

Students and faculty gathered together for a two-hour workshop to discuss the recently discovered fragments by Sappho, with the focus on the better preserved “Brothers Poem” and its interpretation, constitution of the text, and reception. For more information about the findings, please click here.

Alexander Nikolaev joins the Department

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Alexander Nikolaev will join the department as Assistant Professor of Classical Studies as of July 2013. He completed his dissertation, “Historical Poetics and Language History: Studies in Archaic Greek Poetry,” at Harvard University in 2012. Professor Nikolaev is both a classicist and a linguist, and he is most […]