To successfully complete a MA or PhD in Classical Studies, students must take and pass specific comprehensive and/or qualifying exams. All examinations are written. However, at the student’s request and with the approval of the student’s advisor and Director of Graduate Studies, the history of literature and special author/topic exams may be taken as oral examinations.

Examination Requirements

Comprehensive Examinations for MA students

  • One Modern Foreign Language (or one semester of LF 621 Reading French/LG 621 Reading German)
  • Greek or Latin translation
  • History of Greek or Latin Literature

Qualifying Examinations for PhD students

  • Modern Foreign Language: German
  • Modern Foreign Language: French
  • Greek Translation
  • History of Greek Literature
  • Latin Translation
  • History of Latin Literature
  • Special Author or Topic

Since the Translation and History of Literature exams for the MA and PhD differ in degree of difficulty, students who are candidates for both degrees must pass both the comprehensive and the qualifying versions of those exams.