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Beyond the Classroom

New #cityplanningBU Adjunct Professor Lourdes Germán, JD, Answers Nine Questions     1. Tell us a little about yourself? In addition to my role on the faculty at Boston University, I serve as Director of International & Institute-Wide Initiatives at the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy and as Director of the Civic Innovation Project. At […]

Public health leader proves residents and researchers can partner to catalyze policy change

On July 18, Dr. Doug Brugge, PhD, a professor of public health and community medicine, visited BU City Planning and Urban Affairs (BUCPUA) students in Felix Zemel’s UA 510 Course, Public Health and the Built Environment.   As director of the Community Assessment of Freeway Exposure and Health (CAFEH), Brugge described the lasting impacts of ultrafine […]

#BUCPUA students get immersed in the latest environmental news and policy reforms

During the Summer 1 term, BU City Planning and Urban Affairs students enrolled in UA 610, Urban Environmental Issues, met twice each week to analyze local and global environmental events and related policy implications.  Led by Adjunct Faculty Professor Kwabena Kyei-Aboagye, JD, students developed solutions to improve ongoing urban environmental problems.  Specifically, students studied how […]