Dynamic Scholarship

In addition to its vibrant curriculum, the Cinema & Media Studies Program is committed to original and incisive scholarly research at every level.  Our award-winning faculty, our superb graduate teaching fellows, as well as our undergraduate majors, all contribute distinctively to a culture of interdisciplinary research in cinema & media studies and its associated disciplines.

Our distinguished faculty are leaders in their respective fields, regularly publishing works of scholarship and criticism in both academic and public-facing venues.  Our graduate teaching fellows are active writers and researchers, each developing original, forward-looking work of their own.  Undergraduates in Cinema & Media Studies, too, pursue original work in faculty-mentored UROP projects and senior honors theses.  Together our intellectual community is passionate and wide-ranging, enlivened by an enduring commitment to the world-changing energy of moving-images.  

“A film you can explain in words is not a real film.” – Michelangelo Antonioni