Declare a CIMS Minor

Six (4-credit) courses are required, all completed with a grade of C or higher. Of these six courses, a minimum of three must be taken at Boston University.

Course numbers and course topics shift every semester, please consult your advisor before finalizing your schedule.

CIMS Minor Requirements

  • One Course in Film History
    • CAS CI 101 History of Global Cinema: Origins through 1950s
      • n.b. CI 101 is the only course that counts toward this requirement, CI 1o2 is recommended for minors but it does not fulfill the film history requirement in the program.
  • One Course inĀ Film Aesthetics
    • CAS CI 200 Introduction to Film & Media Aesthetics
  • Four Electives
    • Four total Cinema & Media Studies electives (three unrestricted, plus one at the 400+ level), chosen in consultation with the student’s advisor