Danielle Momoh Wins 2024 College Prize in Cinema & Media Studies

The 2024 College Prize recipient for excellence in Cinema & Media Studies is Danielle Imade Momoh. Throughout her time at BU, she has excelled academically and artistically. Through her coursework in CIMS and across the university, Danielle has earned a 3.86 GPA and has made the Dean’s List four times, graduating this year Magna Cum Laude. Inside the classroom, she has distinguished herself through her engagement in class discussions and the caliber of her assignments. Dr. Jim Carter noted that “In her final paper [for CI 445], Danielle wrote a brilliant analysis of The Godfather II in which she focused closely on the architecture of the home as a space where the family (the Corleones) competes with the ‘family’ (the mafia). In my comments to her, I noted that the paper was not only cogently argued but also poetically articulated.”

Her in-class performance is matched by her creative endeavors: she recently completed her first short film, What Do They Say About Apples and Trees, Birds and Bees?. The film received support from the CAS Academic Enhancement Fund and premiered on BU campus in February.

In the Fall, Danielle will begin the Master of Arts Program in the Humanities for Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago. CIMS faculty are eager to see what she will contribute to the field in the future. We are delighted to recognize her academic passion and artistic curiosity with a College Prize.